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22 Feb 2019

Welcome to Forssa Museum

Forssa Museum is a historical museum that tells the story of the city of Forssa in two different locations. The main building of Forssa Museum is located in the Spinning Mill Area in the heart of the city. The area was constructed starting from the 1847. The buildings and the complex represent an English style industrial architecture with its red brick facades and joining parks and waterways.

Forssa Museum is open around the year 6 days a week.

Our other location is Ronttismäki Workers House Museum that showcases the living conditions and lifestyle of local industrial workers and craftsmen starting from the 1880's. The museum is located in an area next to the Forssa Church.

Workers House Museum is open during events in the summer time and on request.

Free entry!

Please contact us beforehand if you'd like to visit the Workers House Museum
p. 0406734786

Welcome to Forssa Museum

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